Precision04 Analogue DJ Mixer
Final Price    € 2380.00 + Shipping
Lead Time     14 weeks (50% deposit)

• Includes:

      4 Phono/Line channels + Mic
      3 Independant level adjustable outputs
      FX send/return per channel
      Asymmetric EQ
      Master Isolator
      External linear power supply
      Natural or darkened french Oak
      (La Montagne Noire)
      Travel case
      Owner’s manual

      2 Years warranty


    The Precision04 is a fully featured, high-performance 4 channel rotary DJ mixer. It is the result of decades of engineering background in audio electronics design and unconditional love for Music. Each unit is entirely handcrafted in southern France and subjected to rigorous testing. In addition to product performance, a lot of attention has been paid to the controls layout as well as build quality. The Precision04 delivers an accurate, dynamic soundstage and you’ll immediately feel at home playing with it.

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